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Site Selection Criteria

From the July 2012 Workshops and during several subsequent meetings, the Site Selection Criteria has been modified into two broad areas

Subjective Criteria

These are the Criteria which best meet the villages wishes. The main Criteria Areas are

  • Sites that are smaller (30 homes or less)
  • Develop Brownfield First
  • Sites with Good Pedestrian access, and that do not make traffic hot spots worse
  • Sites within the village Envelope (i.e. Not extending into open Countryside)
  • Sites with Low Landscape Impact

It is impossible to select only sites that score maximum in all the above areas, since none exist. However some sites score better than others, and it is this scoring that allows a shortlist to be arrived at.

The February Drop in event allows the Advisory Group to assess the feedback of how the shortlisted sites have been arrived at to ensure the wishes of the majority of the village have been listened to, and implemented where possible. Only after this feedback has been assessed will the sites be selected and the plan written, for handover to the Parish Council.

Show Stoppers

There is a large list of ‘showstoppers’ - e.g. Archeological or Environmental special significance, unclear ownership and access etc. These fall under planning law, and as such can prevent a site from being selected. During the process, landowners have declared their sites free from showstoppers, but the planning process caters for further checks to guarantee this.

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